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we are a digital marketing agency full of


What we do

We help thousands of businesses, who share our values, to have more time, more visibility and drastically improve their results online and on social media every day.

Social Media 


We improve the online positioning of your business, in a professional manner, by creating an editorial plan and following the guidelines imposed by various Social Networks.

Social Media Posts

We create effective posts for your business. We take care of everything, from graphics to the editorial plan. We study the best persuasive messages and the best performing creatives to impress your potential customers.

Advertising Campaigns

We create advertising campaigns for your business that help you reach thousands of new target customers interested in your business, product or service.

Websites, Landing Pages and Branding

Complete Branding overview and optimisation.. Structured website creation and / or e-commerce. Possibility of an app connected to the site for booking services and / or purchasing products (Flox).

Gray Beanie

You pass on the passion, we transform it into magic!

You don't have to think about anything, we do it all for you. From the creation of copy to posts, from creativity to strategy all the way to advertising campaigns. You will have your own marketing team at your disposal: all you have to do is what you do best with passion, we do the most difficult and indispensable thing, we bring you results.

what are
people saying

 'what makes me very excited about Flox is just taking that action that is going to boost your business, you know you have to invest in your business for it to grow. Flox made me see how much potential my business has' - Wangechi : Bake Me Crazy

'I was sceptical at first but it is true. They handle everything I don't have to lift a finger and it's all sorted. Now I can just focus on what I love and they make the rest just work' - Nicole : Fiori Q

'the support has been amazing, strategising and weekly goals to keep my marketing on track. we are not very strong on social media and they have really helped us turn that around' - Mandla : Kids Spot Hair Salon

'the results have been amazing' Gionathan : Stepbrothers Restaurant

'Flox has helped me increase my client base and increase my bookings' Cinzia : Luxury Lodge

case studies

our team


Manuele Vessio

Project Manager


Dwayne Dryden

Business Strategist 


Emmanuel Veyi

Photography and Branding


Bojan Palic

Lead Generation Specialist


Marianne Dryden

Digital Marketing / Advertising  Strategist


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