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Create the Perfect Instagram Profile in 7 Easy Steps

Often, the Instagram profile is considered a secondary element:

a short presentation, to be written quickly when creating your account.

In reality, your Instagram bio is a very powerful tool: a small online space that welcomes customers to your Instagram profile and can turn followers into customers.

What are the ingredients for a perfect Instagram Profile?

What's the goal of your Instagram profile?

Your Instagram profile, has a maximum of 150 characters and a one external link.

Your username has a maximum of 30 characters.

This may seem like a very small space, especially if we consider all the things you want your profile to accomplish:

  • Highlight important info of your business

  • Give users a way to contact you,

  • Present your brand and style

  • Help your target audience understand what makes you unique and differentiates you from the competition

  • Inspire users to take action by sharing posts and interacting with your account

Luckily, there are several features, in addition to the profile, that Instagram offers to meet these needs.

The goal is to create a profile that allows users to immediately understand who you are, what you do, and how to buy from you.

How to create the perfect Instagram profile

1. Let visitors know who you are and why they should be interested in you.

The first goal of the profile is to explain what you offer and what audience you are targeting.

When a user first visits your profile, you need to quickly give them all your info to keep them interested. The user's attention doesn't last long, so use concise wording that gets straight to the point.

Your profile doesn't have to consist of text only, it can also contain: emojis special fonts (italics, bold, underlined, etc.) emoji like arrows ⬇️ that direct the user's attention to specific parts of the bio

2. Promote hashtags and related accounts via clickable tags

The link you can insert in your profile is not the only clickable element through which users can get insights about you.

  • Brand Hashtags: If you have a hashtag that you use often for your brand and posts, include it in your profile and invite users to use it in their content. Flox for example uses the hashtag #BuyFromLocals on its Instagram account and when the user clicks on the hashtag they are redirected to a page where they can see all the content with that hashtag.

  • Linked accounts: similarly, you can tag other accounts to direct users to other linked profiles. You can mention other accounts in your profile via the @ mention.

3. Insert some call-to-action's

A call-to-action tells the user what you expect them to do, such as "click on the link below". Identify your account goals and choose which call-to-action to leverage to achieve them.

There are some basic rules to follow for any type of call-to-action:

  • Display your most important call-to-action at the end of your profile

  • Start your call-to-action with a "click, write, buy, tag, etc." line)

  • Provide clear instructions to the user

4. Make the most of the link in th

e bio

The link in the bio is a great tool to direct users on your Instagram page to any site outside your page.

You can also insert a specific link in your Instagram bio that connects them to:

  • The latest product launched on the market

  • A Youtube video

  • A course registration page

  • An event registration page

You can edit the link as many times

as you want according to your needs.

5. Insert a "call-to-action" button to help users reach you

It often happens that users try to get in touch with you after visiting your profile. Usually users contact you through Instagram instant messages, but providing them only with this method to get in touch with you may become unmanageable.

You will be able to insert new ways for users to get in touch with you via "Edit Profile" and then in "Contact Options". You can enter:

  • A phone number

  • An email address address

  • A third party services

6. Take advantage of the "Shopping" feature on Instagram to showcase your products

The Shopping feature on Instagram allows you to sell your products on this platform as well. You can tag products in posts but also in your stories to incentivise users to buy and drive them to your website or App.

7. Feature content on your Instagram profile

Instagram stories are an essential and very effective marketing tool. Highlighted content allows you to highlight certain stories to give them a lasting presence on your profile.

Instagram stories have a duration of 24 hours, once passed they are automatically deleted from your profile. To make them permanent, just add them to your featured content.

In conclusion, your Instagram profile is your ace in the hole to persuade your followers or new users to stop and check out your business!

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