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Still-Oaky Distillery is a boutique craft distillery owned and managed by husband and wife team, Fanie and Annerie Smit. We are one of only 15% of the worlds' Gin producers who produce their own base alcohol, offering true craft liquor. We are hands-on in the entire process of fermenting our own alcohol from Apple, distilling ,bottling and packaging our authentic Craft Gins with our custom-made equipment.


Searsia London Dry

Searsia London Dry Gin is dedicated to Johannes Smit, a role-model and free thinker who loved nature.

Our Gin is distilled from an Apple base and a special blend of African, Indian and European botanicals.

Because Searsia is distilled from Apple, the flavour of any fruit garnish is amplified by the natural flavour.

Price excludes delivery,
Not for Sale to persons under the age of 18.
Drink Responsibly.

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Roasted Rooibos Infused

Rough Rooibos is sourced from the Piketberg region and dark roasted before infusing into our Searsia London Dry Gin . This Roasted Rooibos Gin is a first of its kind with a note of veld fire smoke, complimented by the fresh forest scent of the Rooibos Fynbos.

A true South African Flavour.

Price excludes delivery,
Not for Sale to persons under the age of 18.
Drink Responsibly

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MONDAY - FRIDAY 9:00- 17:00 SATURDAY 9:00- 14:00

SUNDAY Closed 

Strand South Africa

Tel: +27 79 333 9944




Cape Town

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Still Oaky logo FINAL-01.png
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