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A marketers inside tip on how to Increase your sales

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Increasing sales is a topic dear to every business owners heart. It doesn't matter if your business is booming or if you're looking for a way to fill an empty business: any self-respecting entrepreneur will tell you, you can never have too many customers.

Whatever it is that drives you personally towards higher turnover, there is some good news: Increasing your sales is possible and can be done both online and offline. To do this, you just need to follow a three-step system: understand who your customers are, learn how to attract them and discover the tools that are most suited for you.

Let's not waste time (and money) and jump right in!

Sell ​​more to new customers

As a savvy entrepreneur, you may have noticed that the modern customer has completely changed his habits. Today, this mysterious figure seems to spend most of their time either in shopping centres or online.

They no longer walk past your shop front, and even if they do, are always glued to their smartphone; it has therefore become essential to communicate with them on their own turf and to offer them what they're looking for: convenience and instant service. In fact, today's buyers have been a bit "spoiled" by e-commerce, which promises fast service and an almost infinite choice.

But don't worry - you can use this new trend to your advantage... If customers are not buying from a physical store not all is lost you can still stay in touch with them and direct them to your e-commerce site or to your mobile App. Currently a presence in the digital world is of vital importance even for the smallest local business.

Increase sales in today's market

What good is a shop front window if customers no longer walk past the business? This is the question that every entrepreneur should be asking. We need to find new (effective) ways to reach people.

We have many methods available: social networks, mobile apps, messages, e-mails; the choice is so vast that the buzz phrase has become: 'a multi-channel approach'. A long phrase that means, quite simply, that the best strategy is to go and get your customers in many places. Why do this? Because each person can be attracted to a specific message, or spend a lot of time on a specific platform, or be prepared to buy only at specific times. The more you diversify the ways and the message, the more chances you have to sell.

Always keep in mind another important concept: interactivity. The more you are able to create links between your physical store / salon / restaurant or shop and the online worlds, between one method and another, the better the customer experience will be. Make them love your business and the many opportunities you offer them: for example, if a potential buyer doesn't intend to buy right away ("I have to think about it!"), stay connected with them even when they are not in your business via your own app or direct them to e-commerce site. In this way, increasing sales will become an inevitable result!

The tools that are good for sales

Ok, so now you have become a communication genius and your customers are craving to buy or book from you online. But what if your e-commerce is low quality slow and cumbersome? Today's customers are very impatient: if they can't immediately complete the action they want to complete, they won't give you a second chance.

The right tools are the ones that allow you to truly transform your skills and actions into hard cash. Therefore, it is essential to have the right tools for your business, invest correctly and avoid wasting your budget on tools that are obsolete or ineffective.

Learn to use social media correctly and choose only the platforms that are right for you and your business. Today, there isn't a successful company that does not exploit this enormous potential. Equip yourself with classic marketing tools (SMS, flyers, e-mails and the like) only and exclusively if you know that they will bring you desired results.

Remember when we said that today's customers are always attached to their smartphone? Good. Research indicates that every day we spend 6 hours on average interacting with our phones: an astronomical amount of time, which far exceeds the amount we spend on television, radio and other media. Crazy right?!).

If you really want to always be able to reach your customers, wherever they are and whenever you want and to ensure you reach him in the ideal state for a purchase, you will need to be on their phones by means of your own branded App.

Tools like Flox work precisely to put this immense potential at your service. Since everyone has a smartphone and devotes a good portion of their daily time to it, it will be immensely easier for you to reach your audience through an App like Flox.

As often happens, increasing sales, across all channels (online and offline) is a goal that depends on using the digital tools available as well as the ability to adapt to change. Flox can give your business exactly what you need Guaranteed. You see results or you don't pay. Contact us for a free consultation.

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