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How to Increase your visibility on TikTok

How to use TikTok?

There are still very few businesses that have discovered the potential of TikTok as an advertising tool, so now is the perfect time to start using it.

TikTok has a mainly young and ever-expanding audience, but above all it boasts an unprecedented user engagement (we are talking about an average number of interactions 3 times greater than Instagram posts).

Creating videos on TikTok and going viral is within everyone's reach, but some precautions are necessary to follow to make sure you are favoured by the all powerful algorithms.

1) Publish original content

TikTok is a social network where content travels very fast, to make users linger on your videos the first rule is to make them original and interesting.

So arm yourself with inventiveness and creativity and always think about leaving something for user. Always keep in mind that exciting, fun and informative content will most popular.

2) Publish frequently

As on other platforms, the algorithm rewards the most active users who publish content consistently. Your daily habit therefore should be to regularly slip into the user

s feed. However, be careful not to be too repetitive and don't sacrifice creativity for quantity.

3) Interact with others

As we have seen, TikTok is the Social Network that boasts the largest number of interactions. Another essential aspect to acquire a good following is therefore to interact with others as much as possible, to do this there are several useful strategies:

Follows, comments and likes

It doesn't take much to get noticed, even a simple comment can be filled with thousands of likes and incentivise users to visit your profile. Never limit the likes you leave to others and always remember to be original and creative!

Participate in the challenges

Challenges are actions that can be launched both by the platform and by the most followed users, and which focus on a theme, an anniversary, a celebration or simply a provocation, inviting users to produce content online. A great tool to use to get noticed.

Doing duets

The platform offers the possibility to challenge users through duets, which are very useful for gaining a following by exploiting the ability of other content creators. Like all platforms that might be new, you need to follow a lot and learn from the best.

4) Follow the trends

Another key rule to get noticed is to always be in step with the times. Before creating your content it is useful to better understand what the topics and trends are that are popular on social networks.

So watch out for hashtags and the most popular songs that could prove very useful for appearing in users searches.

5) Details are important

To capture the attention of your audience and increase your visibility, details are essential.

It is important to take care of the videos appearance, to give your business a professional look and make it captivating.

There are tons of useful accessories online that you can buy to get stunning results using just your phone.


You will surely have understood the importance of TikTok!

Did these tips intrigue you?

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