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32 new clients in only one week

If you have been following our blog you will know that we have always tried to be very practical ... but today we are going to take it up a notch! We have decided to help you make the most of your potential with successful case examples !!! today we will explain how to find new customers.

Today's strategy is taken from one of our earliest business that integrates multiple channels into its strategies… it is a sportswear business that has taken advantage of all the advice we provided

First of all, they chose a product that would be tempting and that they had an amount that they wanted to sell at a really affordable price, a seamless sports underwear for men or woman for only R 97 (usually it would cost around double). Most likely they didn't get much profit with the immediate sale given the high discount offered but they investment in building customer loyalty. In fact, his goal was to find new customers!

Our entrepreneur friend inserted the product in his digital shopfront in the Flox app using a captivating image (obviously the choice of underwear was not a coincidence ...) and a strong heading displaying the percentage discount that the rands saved!

being able to sell the product online through the app they decided to create scarcity by adding that there were only a few pieces left and that the special offer was exclusively available in store only.

At this point he shared his promotion with his customers through a push notification on the App but at the same time he shared it on facebook and instagram using the right hashtags ... needless to say that to get the offer you had to follow the business on Flox!

The result after only one week? All the underwear had dissapeared (in a good way) !!!

Store room emptied.

Initial investment recovered (with the income from sales it also covered the expenses of the facebook sponsorship)

25 new Flox clients following the business shop !!! (And if you don't know what that means, discover all the possibilities of the Flox App HERE!)

... and it doesn't end there ... The new clients, coming from the underwear promotion, were placed in a group where, after 7 days with a simple push message, they were sent a welcome coupon with a 10% discount to share with a friend ... well 8 of them brought a friend to the shop !!!

32 new customers in just one week !!!! But do you know what the most surprising thing is? The return average shopping cart value of the people redeeming the coupon was R800.

Summing up: only with new customers, our business managed to collect R 14 550 between underwear in the first part of the promo and return of 10% coupons in the second phase in two weeks!

Not bad, right?

All this thanks to a strategy that has integrated the wise use of the Flox app to a sponsored Facebook post!

The recipe for finding new customers


  • High demand/ Easy to sell product

  • Showcase in the Flox app

  • Mix in simple and cheap promotion on social networks

  • Add Push Notifications and messages to taste

  • Sprinkle a complementary offer to finish off!

Simmer, with engaging content and products that are of value to your customers and… Voilà, the customer is served!

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