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Ditch the Charisma and Open a Can of Chutzpah!

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Recently I came across a great article that spoke about the need for Chutzpah.

It may be a word you have never come across, but if like me, you had some Jewish friends when you were growing up then It's a word you would have heard a few times.

It was a word that always intrigued me because the meaning could not be pinned down to a single definition, it was like trying to encompass in one word a whole attitude of life, a deep guttural emotion that could only be felt. (and trust me this will open a rabbit hole to wonderland if you choose to go down and google the definitions).

In my experience this word was mostly used negatively to describe the shameless audacity my friends and I showed to ask for 10 more minutes with the computer game after we had been playing non stop for close to 5 hours.

But I think Chutzpah is best defined by these two examples:

1. as a small boy peeing through someone's lettter box then ringing the doorbel to ask how far it went.

2. A boy is about to be sentenced for killing his parents. He begs the judge to spare his life. The judge asks for one good reason he should be shown any mercy.

The boy replies, “I’m an orphan, your honor.

So when this old article resurfaced a few weeks back it brought this word right back to my mind and gave it a whole new twist when the author applied it to business and success. The author put his spin on chutzpah explaining that it was more than just grit and determination in fact he went as far as to suggest that this chutzpah was more important than charisma.

And now he had my attention! (as unfortunately the world, has bestowed upon me the same amount of charisma as a boiled piece of broccoli.)

So naturally I kept reading to discover what was more important that charisma the quality that every leader was supposed to possess. The author went on to explain that this chutzpah was an emotion, that encompassed those kind of people with the fearlessness to go after what they want, the kind of people who are making their mark despite adverse circumstances. (that hit home)

It was Chutzpah as “a kind of cosmic attitude, as though there’s nothing really there stopping you from doing whatever you want.”

In summary, the take away was, that while chutzpah involves a lot of nerve, if used appropriately it’s about being driven to act on your calling, to do something you otherwise would be too afraid to do.

I loved this description, the fact that so much oomf could be wrapped up in a little word. It felt good to say it out loud and I rolled it around in my mouth a few times. The word itself sounds like punching the air!

In short, it resonated with our motto at Flox "if you want something you've never had before, you've got to do something you've never done before"

When we think about it really "life comes down to these moments: a chance meeting in an elevator or an airport or coffeehouse line. It’s at these times that that you have the opportunity to throw your life into a whole other direction, just by stepping out of your comfort zone, throwing caution to the wind—and daring to have chutzpah."

If you look around you, most influencers, leaders, game changers, and risk takers all have mastered the art of chutzpah.

So if there will be any new resolutions (eye roll) make sure one of them is … to develop chutzpah. Take your chances!

What’s the worst that can happen? Trust me: You can recover from it.

Because this is what life is about, isn’t it? It’s about taking chances. When you’re eighty and sitting on your rocking chair, you’ll at least have a twinkle in your eye and a few stories to tell.

So go out there and open a can of Chutzpah, we've opened a couple as well and are waiting for you.

Enjoy your holidays!!

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