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How to get more customer reviews (and use them correctly)

It is not surprising that more than 90% of customers read reviews before booking or buying.

But how do you get customer reviews and how can they be best used? Here are 4 things to do to get them and make the most of them once you've got them!

1. Don't be afraid to ask (at the right time)

First step. Make sure you ask for the review. A customer might be very happy with their experience but won't consider leaving a review. Asking, politely, to leave a comment after their experience would be a great way to help the customer remember to review your business.

In these cases, timing is everything. Don't ask the customer to leave a review too soon, perhaps even before they have finished their treatment, their lunch or their stay with you. But not too late, when he is at the door and is about to leave.

The best time to ask the customer may vary depending on your business but for service related business the best time to ask is at payment time, where the customer experience is fresh. This predisposes the customer to listen to you and you have a much better chance of leaving a positive review about your business.

2. Simplify things

How to collect reviews?

Once you understand the right moment to ask for a review, it is very important to know where to send the customer to leave his review.

The two platforms most used by both users and customers who read them are Facebook and Google but pick ONE where you will send them.

Therefore, having a presence on these two platforms is essential! Reviews help potential new customers choose your business or not!

3. Share the best reviews

Don't be afraid to share a positive review! There is nothing a customer appreciates more than knowing that his opppinon was valued. So sharing their experience.

Share their review with everyone! Social media is perfect for this purpose, but you can also share it to your website and even inside your physical store if you have one. Have central place where you collect the reviews but then copy and paste them to ALL your channels

4. Learn from reviews (even negative ones) and respond publicly

It may happen that you receive a negative review despite all your best efforts and special attention given to your customers. Whether or not you agree with what is said in these negative reviews, the best advice is to always respond in a polite way.

It is vital that you understand what led the customer to leave this negative review and to capitalise on the suggestions given. Never attack the customer, be understanding.

Don't take it personally and always adopt a positive approach: a negative review can be an excellent opportunity to improve your service and customer experience. Some business worst customer reviews have led to them becoming their best customers.

So now get out there and start applying some of these suggestions. If you want more tips or just want to chat about advertising, social media, websites, apps or any other marketing related question. click here and we will be happy to share our expertise. You can also read more marketing tips here

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