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The first goal to achieve when you start using Flox is to have all your customers download the app you created. Of course, the main purpose of this tool is to find new sales, but it is generally a medium-term result, which comes after becoming familiar with the use of promotions, welcome bonuses and loyalty strategies. In the meantime, it's good to educate your current customers on how to use it as well as learning to master it as if it were a small extension of yourself.

Why make everyone, absolutely everyone, follow you

Retaining your customers through the app brings you immediate, short-term benefits, so it is a good practice that you can start implementing immediately.

Now, getting your app downloaded can use various approaches, that depend on what kind of person you are and what business you're in. It may have become the easiest thing in the world for you (and if so, you don't need this guide), but you may also have run into difficulties: customers aren't interested, don't want to, don't think they know how to use it, and etc. Let's find out how you can overcome these obstacles and thus guarantee a foundation of super engaged and loyal customers.

A reason to download

Some of your customers may simply be attracted to the novelty and potential of this innovation of yours, but others may not immediately grasp it. Telling them download my app is a source of pride (very few in South Africa have their own app today!) But it may not be enough to convince them.

If your client is being difficult, give them a reason. What does that mean?

People often need a reason to act, and that reason is a motivation. If you can give them a benefit, a convenience factor, a more or less immediate advantage, downloading your app will become a small gesture for them to reach a reward: if previously they did not see its usefulness, With a strong enough incentive it will be them now who want to install it on their phones. And at that point, thanks to the strength of Flox, you will have acquired a 100% loyal customer.

The motivation depends on you

That's right. It's up to you to find that way of accessing their smartphone, but don't think it's difficult, especially if you know how your customers think. If you are interested, we can provide you with a classic example, namely loyalty tools such as collecting points. If you have a shop, let your doubtful customer know that, for his purchase, he is entitled to points that he can add up to receive a gift: he can collect them on your app, which is a much simpler and more comfortable tool than a card

( and which, above all, he does not bring with him). Wouldn't you say yes to such a proposal? The beauty is that this strategy works with almost any business: hairdressers, restaurants, beauticians and so on.

Don't let anyone leave without your app

The secret to having a loyal and established customer base is just that. If you have a thousand customers and you can get all of them to download your app, it means that your offers will be seen by a thousand people who will potentially buy again (because they have already been to you and you know they are willing to do so!). Not to mention that in the meantime you will be working to attract new customers.

Keep at it and never give up: your business is worth it, your work is of great quality and your app is beautiful. There is no reason why a customer shouldn't want or appreciate it. If you still can't be convincing, it means you can improve something. Create a different or more in line with your customers values incentive and you will see that your downloads will fill up before your eyes!

We are just a call away...

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