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How many clients do you need to become rich?

Often business that join us, especially in the early stages, ask us: how many customers do you need to get rich? The answer is simple: you don't need customers… you need 200 FANS! A Fan isn't someone who follows you on Social Media or has downloaded your App, but rather they are a person who would buy anything you offer them, they are that customer who would drive for hundreds of kilometers to just to hear what you had to say.

Once you have found your 200 fans, all you will need is for each of them to spend at least R 2000 a year with you to ensure that you have an annual income of

R 400,000

This as a total may already be enough for you. 200 Fans is not an unreachable number but obviously it's meaningless ... if you can't make them spend R 2000 a year you will need more customers to reach your goal ... or you will have to make them spend more if you are not satisfied with the R400,000 !

Alongside your Fans then there will be occasional buyers… which could bring you additional income. So these shouldn't be neglected either but they should have a different value. You will have to use different communication methods depending on the level of loyalty that your customers demonstrate. Also, because involving fans more with your communications has a positive return even on occasional customers, as they will be your sponsors and testimonials... a little 'like Instagram influencers but less photoshopped, let's call them the influencers next door.

How can we reach these elusive 200 fans? Here is a simple strategy to follow that will help you get there!

Step 1: Create your Fan Avatar

Take a pen and paper and write down there name, gender, age, what work do they do, what their interests are, what places they visit to, etc ... the more detailed the better if you need help with this we have a great Avatar course you can request for FREE by emailing

Step 2: Grab their attention

Think of an enticing offer that will include them, create an exciting message and choose a suitable image based on the Avatar you created. Share your offer on social media and promote it a little, even with Posters in your business or the street think of some ads in various places that your fans would be spending time in (Instagram, Facebook etc)

But here's the catch ... it is essential that in order to access the special offer they download Flox, only in this way will you be able to contact them again and divide them into groups based on their level of loyalty.

Step 3: divide them into groups

As soon as they start coming to you to redeem the offer you will need to understand what kind of customers they are, create three groups of customers on Flox and name them like this: "random", "customers" and "fans". If you already know that they are regular customers, enter them in the "customers" group, otherwise enter them in the "random" group. Initially leave the “fan” group empty you will populate it later.

Step 4: Communicate with them

Now that you have your customers divided according to their loyalty, you will have to send communication, do not immediately think of trying to sell ... rather send them information that can enrich them and at the same time demonstrate your competence and set yourself up as a leader in your field, in this way they will trust you more and more.

Step 5: Test their loyalty

During your communication, which must be specifically targeted based on the group your are talking too, occasionally try to propose products (very cheap for casuals and then higher as they become customers or fans). If you notice that a random person buys regularly (for example if they buy 2 out of 5 recommended products) you move them to the customer group, similarly you will move customers into fans with the same principle ... remember to organise them regularly and move down those who never buy.

With this strategy, a lot of patience and a little time, you will have a continuous flow of fans that you can tap into ... Imagine how nice it would be to be able to simply send a promotion to the Fan group and find all of them coming to your business or website within a few days!

Test this strategy, try to customise it or integrate it with other strategies we have shared in previous posts and tell us how it's going in our Flox Leader Group on Facebook

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