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Five things leaders should do this December to ensure success in 2021!

"You are never too old to set another goal and dream a new dream" - C.S. Lewis

There is a great tendency in the month of December to wind down. with the holiday season upon us, and all that beautiful weather and surf calling us to the beach. we're likely to be a tad distracted. It's been a long year and we feel like resting and that little voice that says things will rev up soon enough when the new year comes around is loud in our ear.

But ask the most successful leaders and they will tell you they have altered the way they look at December. They see December as the real start of the new year. For these successful people, the last moth of the year is about revving things up!

If your dream is to see your business and team reach spectacular heights in 2021 here are 5 things your December should include.

1. Share your vision

Ideally in person but also through a well written communication. December is the time to inspire your team. You won't believe how your juices start flowing when you start getting others excited about your plans and dreams for the coming year. (Don't forget to thank them for all they have done in the past year to support you and your company.) Weeks before the new year starts for your team or company your employees can start thinking about how they fit into your grand scheme of things. The result? They will start preparing and thinking of how they can help you reach those goals in the coming year.

2. Meet Individually with your team

The greatest reason people burn out is not having sufficient variety in their tasks and work. Ask your employees or team if there is anything they would like to be involved in. What inspires them? The secret to getting your team and employees engaged is to make them feel valued and cared for.

3. Set Goals for 2021

Generally goals have the effect of stressing people out and actually works against achieving them. One solution is to introduce goals long before they go into effect. This allows your team to get their minds right, for instance asking them to set down a plan on how they think they can achieve the new goals set. This also allows them to realise that the goal isn't so far fetched and is actually doable.

4. Set yourself up for a boosted 1st quarter

There is nothing more energising than a great sales month in January. It's empowering to know that your year is off to a bang and this can set the tone for the next few months. The best way to do this is to give yourself every advantage. Whatever you normally do to drive results do more of it in December. Challenge yourself and your team to double down on their efforts and plant the seeds that can be harvested in January. Yes you will work harder in December but your January self will thank you for it.

5. Clean house and reflect

The last two weeks of December are my favourite, and I use them to organise my office and prepare myself mentally for the year ahead. I clean out, throw away and organise. I take long walks in the forest and value my thinking and reading time. I choose a good self growth book to get stuck into. Personal time to rest and reflect help inspire me for the future.

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