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Marketing for the senses

Have you ever seen listless, inactive customers wandering around your business not buying? Or maybe they come to you to take advantage of basic services without ever adding a dessert or an extra treat (things that maybe are the main sources of income). Don't worry, because you are not alone! In fact, most customers usually do this.

Due to many companies finding themselves facing the same situation, marketing experts have developed techniques with which it becomes possible to stimulate the 5 senses of consumers to increase their desire to buy. Emotions and experience are the main levers to sell: let's find out how to stimulate your visitors ... with sense marketing!

Sight: from shapes to colours

Sight is universally recognized as the most important sense, so much so that a large part of the brain (the so-called occipital lobe, located in the back of the skull) is dedicated exclusively to it. Memory is mainly based on images and, in general, most of our daily activities take advantage of sight continuously.

This means that when running your business, sight should be central. Depending on what you offer you will have to choose whether to use soft forms (calming and pleasant) or acute (more electrifying). Remember to pay close attention to human faces, because our brain is "programmed" to immediately turn our gaze to them.

Color is also very important. Create consistency in the coloring of your restaurant and your products, use pleasant colors and remember that every nuance generates physical reactions: for example, green relaxes, red increases the heartbeat and orange (strange but true!) Stimulates the digestion!

Hearing and the power of music

Some psychologists believe that hearing is the most useful of the senses, after sight. In fact, there are many functions that it performs: it allows us to communicate, to understand the environment around us and even to avoid some dangers!

In particular, hearing can help you in your business through music. The various combinations of the seven musical notes and different instruments have very strong effects on the emotions of the customers and on their physical state: for example, a touching piece can considerably increase the heartbeat. Have you ever wondered why music is omnipresent in retail chains and franchises? It's very simple: the right piece, at the right time, can excite people, excite them (in jargon, this is called “create arousal”) and thus stimulate impulse purchases.

If you think the music in your business is distracting customers, it's time to reconsider putting on some different pieces. But remember: they must like it, not you!

Smell, sensations and nostalgia

There are many managers, traders and even businessmen who underestimate the enormous power of smell. It is true that, over the millennia, it is the sense that has weakened the most in mankind, but smells are still among the strongest and most evocative stimuli to which we are subjected. Despite a slightly "out of practice" nose, colds and the dusts of our cities, we are still able to clearly distinguish between over 10,000 different smells!

The strength of the sense of smell lies in the emotions it can arouse. Think about it: is there a smell that reminds you of family, your childhood or a particularly beautiful moment in your life? You have probably remembered even more than one! For your customers it is the same: you get characteristic scents to their nose and their emotional reaction will be very strong, more than enough to make them want to relive those sensations through your products.

Do not ignore the use of some fragrances. Especially for business such as restaurateurs, where the smell is a fundamental part of the product or service, favoring its "propagation" predisposes customers to purchase!

Taste. Restaurants and more

It's a really strange sense, that of taste. You may not know it, but its functioning is still partly obscure to us and has characteristics that make it unique, and at the same time very useful for those who manage a business. Although it is mainly restaurateurs who have to take care of it in detail, others can also exploit it to their advantage.

One of the main characteristics of taste is that it is enhanced by the other senses. Numerous experiments have shown that a dish that is well-finished in its presentation (which therefore stimulates the eyes) or that emits an appetizing scent is judged as tastier! In addition, music also has its effect: it stimulates appetite and the positive perception of flavor.

If you want to use taste to improve your business, then, you have to act on all the other senses: the effect is guaranteed

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