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What Makes A Good Entrepreneur?

The Short Answer is Attitude! In reality its a combination of things but it's starts with The right attitude. But what makes the difference between a positive and a negative attitude? What are the questions that some ask that push them into the right attitude and on to be successful? • How can I improve today? • What can I do differently or better than yesterday? These two simple questions mean taking complete responsibility for a situation and always thinking of ways a person can change or improve in order to succeed. Some people allow their excuses to comfort them and this stops them from realizing that it’s them and their attitude that is the cause of failure! • What about you? • Which kind of entrepreneur are you? • Whose responsibility is it? As we can learn from these two types of people, those who adopt a Negative Attitude, see change as "Crisis", and subsequently categorically reject the new reality and do nothing to change. If we think things will go wrong what happens? Things will go really bad! Others instead adopt a positive attitude and welcome change, seeing it as an opportunity and adapting by exploiting the wave that change brings with it. How are things going with these people? Better than before the change happened! Crazy right? What is difference between a positive and a negative attitude? The difference, is the meaning we assign to the things that happen to us, which, in themselves, are changes. Remember Blockbuster and Nokia? They were leaders in their industry just 15 years ago! Where are they today? They have lost virtually all of their market share and their businesses have collapsed to practically nothing. Is it because people have stopped watching movies or using cell phones? Ask Netflix or Apple! Remember, someone saw change as a "Crisis" and someone else saw it as an "Opportunity". So who is the real entrepreneur? The person who, with his or her attitude welcomes change and changes accordingly, without letting external events negatively affect their work and always asking how I can do better tomorrow!

This only gets you part of the way however, next time we will chat about consistency. YOU ARE #UNSTOPPABLE ReplyForward

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